Dressed for School

Children should come to school dressed to work, play, paint, experiment, and have fun. Their clothes should be comfortable and easy to button, snap or zip to allow independence in toileting.

Children play outside each day with the exception of rainy days. Please dress your child for the weather. Outerwear must be marked with your child's name. Occasionally children will have the same exact article of clothing so check for your child's name before taking it home. Jackets and clothing with pull strings cannot be worn at school as they are a choking or hanging hazard on the playground. Sandals, flip flops and cowboy boots are also dangerous on the playground and we request that they not be worn.  Shoes must be closed toed and rubber soled. Socks must be worn. Jewelry and other valuable items should not be brought to school by your child. FSIL cannot be responsible for lost or damaged clothing, jewelry or other valuable items.