Diapers and Potty Training

Only disposable diapers will be used at FSIL. Parents are responsible for furnishing diapers and wipes. Our teachers will list your child's name on the board in the foyer if more diapers are needed.

A good rule of thumb is to expect at least 5-6 diaper changes per day and bring the appropriate supply weekly. FSIL will begin to potty train when a child is: at least 2 years of age, displays an interest in training and is part of the "Rainbow Class". For sanitation reasons, every child will be trained while still wearing diapers. Throughout the day, all "rainbow'' children will be taken to the restroom and encouraged to use the facilities. Children will remain in diapers until they have achieved 2 weeks at school without a potty accident (wet or B.M.). Only then may they graduate into a Pull­ Up. Only Pull-Ups that fasten on the sides can be used at FSIL. Children will remain in Pull-ups until they have achieved 2 weeks at school without a potty accident. Only then may they graduate to "big kid" underwear. Please keep in mind that children behave differently at school and where they may never have an accident at home, at school there are simply too many distractions. We understand that this is a huge milestone that you may be anxious for your child to achieve and should you prefer to potty train your child differently than FSIL's method you may schedule vacation time and do so at home. However, upon returning to school, the 2 week rule will apply. Children must achieve 2 weeks without an accident (wet or B.M.) before wearing "big kid” underwear. "Potty trained" children with repeated accidents are not potty trained and will need to step back to Pull-ups or diapers until the 2 week rule is achieved.