Program & Curriculum

We believe that education begins in the cradle and that every opportunity should be given to children to gain knowledge. We know that the younger a child is when he or she learns to read, the easier it will be for him or her to succeed later in school.  


Our structured learning environment focuses on pre-reading skills in our preschool classes and on reading and comprehension skills in our pre-K classes. Our program features nationally recognized curricula taught by well-trained, caring teachers. First Steps is proud to use the A-Beka and High Reach curricula. Activities such as recognizing the alphabet, phonetic awareness, working with numbers, exploring arts and crafts and refining eye-hand coordination and problem solving are emphasized at First Steps. As teachers we know that a positive approach to learning is the best approach. Using praise creates a good attitude towards learning and helps build a child's self-esteem. Learning should be a fun, rewarding, and stress-free experience for the children and the teacher. Children learn at their own pace but every child should be challenged and given the opportunity to advance. First Steps in Learning is a non-denominational Christian preschool. We believe that a Christian foundation is a vital building block to becoming a respectable, responsible and productive member of society and therefore the love of God, His lessons, His Son Jesus, Bible songs and stories will be a part of our daily activities. FSIL is committed to non-discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, age or disability. Cultural diversity is welcome at First Steps.